Whether it’s Botox or facelift, cosmetic surgery has been in for a long time now. People all over the world go under the knife to look younger and more beautiful. In Hollywood, plastic surgery is so common that you don’t even recognize the face anymore. While celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are open to talking about their plastic surgeries, others prefer to keep quiet. Here we list down a few celebrities who have had a facelift without making a big deal about it:

Jennifer Aniston

You might be surprised to learn that Jennifer Aniston has had a facelift. That’s right—the actress who is known for her signature line, “I’m just so happy!” has had her face redone. She even got a second one just three years later.

That’s not all: Jennifer Aniston is not the first celebrity to get a facelift and certainly isn’t the only one who went under the knife for what many call an “extreme makeover.” The celebrity trend of getting plastic surgery has become so popular that it’s now almost expected for famous people to have some sort of procedure done on their face or body before they’re seen in public again after taking time off from work (or before any big event).

The Real Housewives star Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna underwent a facelift procedure to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenate her skin. The Real Housewives star’s before-and-after photos show that she had a very successful surgery, as her skin is smoother and more youthful-looking. Lisa also credits her new look to Botox injections, which can help prevent sagging around the jawline and neck area.

While there’s no doubt that Lisa looks great after this procedure, it does come with some risks (including infections). Most people can return to normal activities within a few weeks after their surgery; however, others may be required to take an additional week off work or school due to swelling in the face or neck area. It’s impatient must consult doctors beforehand so they understand exactly what will happen during recovery if they decide on getting surgery done by one of our surgeons at Artistry MedSpa & Laser Center or another facility nearby.”

The one and only Cher

If you’re a fan of Cher, you probably already know that she’s a singer, actress, and songwriter. What you may not know is that she has had a facelift—and been open about it. Not only does the 72-year-old star look remarkably youthful for her age (which is awesome), but she also had an undeniably dramatic change in physical appearance after her surgery. Her face looks fuller than ever before, with higher cheekbones and more prominent eyebrows than before. But those are just some of the noticeable differences on her face; even so, many people would still recognize Cher from across the room due to her signature style and personality!

Surgical procedures have become increasingly common over time as our culture has become more accepting of them as both cosmetic enhancement tools and ways to prevent aging or disease symptoms like wrinkles or sagging skin around the eyes or mouth area (which can lead to droopy corners). According to [American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery](https://www.millennialmayhemblog/?p=892) data shared last week at their annual conference: “More than 1 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in 2016 by doctors representing this professional organization.”

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda has had multiple facelifts. She’s the first celebrity to admit it. The first time she had the procedure done was back in 1978—and it made such a difference that she went back for another one just four years later. When asked about it during an interview with Barbara Walters, Fonda said: “It was something I desperately wanted […] I love my face now.”

She underwent two more surgeries over the next decade before finally stopping as she reached her 50s (she’s now 79). According to Dr. Lawrence Koplin, who performed some of her surgeries and is one of the leading experts on cosmetic surgery procedures today: “Jane Fonda’s case is typical of many women [who] have had facelifts over time.”

Goldie Hawn

You may be surprised to learn that Goldie Hawn has had a facelift. The 71-year-old actress revealed in an interview with People magazine that she underwent the procedure to look younger and feel better about her appearance. “I wanted to look like myself again,” she said. “I wasn’t unhappy with my face at all, but I wanted to feel more beautiful and free when I smiled. It was also important for me not to have anyone else do it, so I did it myself.”

The operation was not successful, however; Goldie said she was “mortified” by how things turned out after surgery. She has since undergone corrective procedures and does not regret having them done in the first place: “It’s worth it because now I can smile without being self-conscious,” she told People magazine in 2010

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is a British supermodel and actress. She has been ranked as one of the most influential people in the world by Time. She also worked as an occasional television presenter, a singer, and a songwriter, as well as a businesswoman.

According to her interview with Piers Morgan on his show Life Stories, she had her first facelift at the age of 27 before going under the knife again in 2002 after which she claimed that she was happy with the results.

You didn’t know that these celebrity faces have gone under the knife as well.

It’s no secret that celebrities are not immune to the aging process. Anyone who has seen their favorite star gets older knows that, like the rest of us, their bodies change over time. However, some celebrities have undergone plastic surgery to help maintain their youthful appearance and keep up with society’s beauty standards.

While many people might assume that only actresses and models would be driven by these pressures and insecurities surrounding body image several celebrities have had work done on their face or body at some point during their career. These include actors such as Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, Mickey Rourke, and Nicolas Cage—just to name a few!


You’ve probably been fooled by some of your favorite celebrities. There is a large percentage of famous people trying to keep a youthful appearance by having cosmetic surgery done. The next time you’re at the movie theater and you notice how young an older actress looks, consider the fact that plastic surgery is common and there’s a good chance you’re looking at the magic of cosmetic surgery.

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