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Affordable Tummy Tuck Chicago

Tummy Tuck Chicago

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A tummy tuck is also referred to as abdominoplasty and is a procedure that is used to reshape the stomach, or tummy area of the client. The procedure generally involves removing loose skin and fat from the stomach area. 



affordable tummy tuck chicago

A tummy tuck will make the patient appear more cosmetically attractive.

Before deciding to do a tummy tuck, try diet and exercise first.

Tummy Tuck Operation



The operation is performed, ideally not as an alternative to natural diet and exercise but as an option when the diet and exercise does not achieve the desired results.

Before beginning the procedure, the client has a discussion with the surgeon about the desired outcome. 

When the procedure is ready to begin, the patient will undergo anesthesia, the anesthesia may be administered to the area in which the operation will be performed or as a general anesthesia in which the patient will be unconscious during the operation.

The procedure consists of making cuts or incisions in areas around the tummy and liposuction may be used to remove excess fat cells in and around the tummy area. When the fat has been removed, the skin is then stretched taught and excess skin is removed.

Finally, the skin is re-attached to the stomach by using either stitches or glue.

The process may differ depending on the clients needs. To get a full, accurate overview of how the procedure may be performed for you, please call and talk to our medical team to get a free consultation and to discuss pricing options about an affordable tummy tuck in Chicago.

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