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Affordable Rhinoplasty Chicago

Rhinoplasty Chicago Procedure

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How does rhinoplasty work?

A nose job, or rhinoplasty can be done the same day as an outpatient procedure. This means that the patient will normally be able to go home after the procedure is finished. In some cases, an overnight stay may be required.

When the patient arrives, the medical team will discuss the nose shape and outcome of the procedure, making marks on the nose to help visualize the result. 

To make the process more comfortable and not painful, during the procedure, the patient undergoes anesthesia, either to the nose and the area that will have the surgery performed, or generally, which will affect the whole body so the patient will be unconscious during the procedure.

Generally, when the operation is performed on the nose, the surgeon will make cuts inside the nose. If the procedure requires cuts on the outer part of the nose, the surgeon will cut across a predetermined line that has been drawn. The surgeon will then reshape the inner bone and cartilage to create a more cosmetically attractive appearance. 


affordable rhinoplasty chicago

A new nose will make you feel more confident and attractive. If you’re getting your nose done with the right surgeon, the end result will look natural and the procedure will be undetectable.

Rhinoplasty Types

The type of nose job done depends on the desired result of the client, whether it be for cosmetic reasons or functional reasons. The types of rhinoplasty include and are not limited to opening the breathing canals, making the nose bigger, making the nose smaller, fixing a nose after an injury, removing the hump on the top of the nose, straightening the bridge of the nose, reshaping the nose tip, and altering the size of the nostrils. To get detailed information about the best affordable rhinoplasty chicago, the right procedure for your situation and pricing options, please call us and let’s talk.

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