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Affordable Facelift Chicago

Facelift Procedures and types

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How does a facelift work?


After taking anesthesia, the customer will be unconscious during the procedure. Alternatively, the patient can request to have anesthesia in only the areas where the procedure will be done. 

A traditional facelift involves altering fat and skin. As a quick overview: An incision is made and the skin is removed from from muscle, fat and/or cartilage. The fat cells are re-arranged, reformed or discarded and the skin is replaced, pulled slightly and sewn together.

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A facelift will make the face appear younger. The result depends on your surgeons experience.

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Facelift Types


The most popular types of face lifts are the following: Neck Lift, Cheek Lift, Jaw Line Rejuvenation, SMAS Lift, Brow lift, S-Lift and Mini Facelift.

Apart from these cosmetic surgery procedures, there are other special operations that involve the upper body and face which can also include using implants.

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Popular Procedures

Here are some of our most popular, low cost cosmetic surgery medical procedures.

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