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Affordable Breast Implants Chicago

Low Cost Breast Implants Chicago

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How does a breast implant procedure work?


Breast implants, commonly known as breast augmentation surgery or breast enlargements, are used to enhance the bust of a woman to create a more attractive and cosmetic appeal.

There are several different options when doing a breast implant procedure. Generally, an incision is made in the upper torso and a silicon bag is inserted through the incision, then moved towards the breasts and placed behind the secretion glands of the breast. 

affordable breast implants chicago

Breast implants are used to give a woman’s breasts a more full and attractive appearance. The result depends on your surgeon’s experience.

Our certified team is passionate about cosmetic surgery and client satisfaction and have decades of experience.

The breast implant procedure



After taking a localized anesthesia, the client will become numb in the area where the procedure will take place. Alternatively, the client can have a generalized anesthesia which will render the client unconscious during the procedure. 

As mentioned above, there are several different ways a breast implant can be administered. The surgeon may make an incision in one of the following areas; under the breast, around the areola, in the belly button or under the armpit.

Once an incision is made, using an endoscope, the surgeon routes the empty silicon bags through the incision, to the area behind the breast secretion glands. When the bags are in place, the bags are then filled up with a saline solution and sealed. The surgeon then removes any excess bodily fluids and either sews or glues the incision closed.

Depending on the client’s body type and request, the procedure may be different. For a full overview of your situation specifically, please call us and talk to our doctors to get a detailed opinion for affordable breast implants Chicago.

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